"C", 2005

The Breeder Gallery, Athens, Greece
Sture Johannesson (SE), Mika Taanila (FIN), Magnus Thierfelder (SE), Alex Villar (USA) & Ylva Westerlund (SE).
Curated by Elena Tzotzi

//…Another way of observing and translating is to be found in the work of Ylva Westerlund where we encounter intellectual experiments and ideologies in peculiar hybrids. Westerlund constructs analogies between opposite, incompatible standpoints offering an apparent, but quite logical consensus. In the installation entitled C (2004) the story of Frankenstein’s monster is linked to gender theory. The idea to introduce C as a new subject seems to be the only logical solution in order to achieve a total and just equality. But nevertheless, by stating a new order one automatically creates a new set of rules and regulations.