The Principle of Hope, 2003

Frame magazine 1/2004 "A New Wave of Political Consciousness"

//...Or as the young artist Ylva Westerlund points out in her remarkable project in which she sews old-fashioned flags and banners for groups such as "Sweden's Satanist-Feminist Association Engelbrekt": in a situation in which loosely knit single-issue groups or activists with guerrilla strategies are to come together around certain values and goals, we find ideologies in peculiar hybrids. In one of her videos she has an alien dressed as an orator say: "Let us speak with a two-edged tongue". Westerlund traces popular, well-meaning contemporary strategies and slogans to their, at times, highly murky origins and offshoots. She shows how our desire to do good (and BE good), together with the longing for group solidarity, can at times get us to say yes to things we shouldn't. This was also the breeding ground for 1930s fascism, as Westerlund quite calmly points out. Westerlund's unwavering thinking reveals new opportunities for political art.//