"The Living Dead Museum", 2009

Lecture and work on the look/image of The Living Art Museum, realized at the exhibition "Notes from The Living Dead Museum", 2009.

One part on the work consisted of a lecture which had the form of a proposal. Excerpts from the lecture:"..So here we are at The Living Art Museum, and I thought that instead of talking about my art works, I would present some of my ideas as a proposition very much in line with the works of the German theorist and filmmaker Boris Groys. To exemplify what I'm going to propose to you, I will use examples from works of other artists as well as references to literature and theory. And my hope is that, by the end of this presentation/screening, you will agree with me to rename this place: The Living Dead Museum.."

The other part was the changing of actual logos and websites of The Living Art Museum to a new text and look- "THE LIVING DEAD MUSEUM".